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The Long Gray Line

For more than 200 years, the United States Military Academy at West Point has been providing leaders for our armies—leaders who trained and graduated in gray-clad uniforms. When one of its members passes on—it is said he has joined "The Long Gray Line."

In WWII, many of our fellow 69ers and attached Unit members were called on to make the ultimate sacrifice—giving their life, being killed in action. We think it is apt to say that they, too, have joined "The Long Gray Line." 

Here are names of our fallen heroes, killed in action in that great war fighting for freedom in the march across Europe.

This record was taken from hastily prepared Unit Histories immediately after VE Day in Germany, and certainly contains some spelling errors and omissions. If you are a family member or 69er who sees either, please inform the webmaster, at annejoelip@bellsouth.net, so corrections may be made.

Find Name in alphabetical group below, identify Unit, Click on alphabetical group to find Name, then identify his unit. To find if the soldier is buried overseas, and to locate place of burial, date of death, place soldier entered service, Click here if you have difficulty, write the webmasters and we'll try to help.

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