Weissenfels Memorial

Trumpeter Sergeant Frank Briscone, U. S. Army, Heidelburg/Germany  


Organization Of The Honor Bestowed On The 69th Infantry Division 
April 13, 2005

Hartwig Arps, Booking Publisher, Weissenfels, Organizer of the Sponsoring 
Manfred Rauner, Mayor Of The City
Martin  Schmager, Museum Director
Juergen Moeller, Capt. QMC, Ansbach/Bavaria
Joseph Lipsius, 69th Infantry Division
Ruediger Erben, Weissenfels District Administrator
Axel Huebner, Weissenfels Project Control Marketing
Supporters Of Organizing The April 13, 2005 Event
Fletcher M. Burton, General Consul, Leipzig U. S. Embassy
Glenton  C. Pitts,  Liaison Officer, Berlin U. S. Embassy 
Dale C. Rielage, Lt. Commander, U. S. Navy, Berlin U. S. Embassy    
General Dr. Lutz Bandekow, Federal Armed Forces Germany
General Hertling, 7th U. S. Army Training Area, Grafenwohr/Germany 
Sponsors Of The Plaque And The Inauguration Events  

City Of Weissenfels  

Administrative District, Weissenfels  
Hartwig Arps Publishing House, Weissenfels
Bank Sparkasse, Weissenfels
MIBRAG Mitteldeutsche Braunkohlengesellschaft mbH, Central Germany Brown Coal Company
Tradition Organization Historical Infantry Regiment Saxonia-Weissenfels  
Company Klob & Kittler, Stonemason Company, Weissenfels