Was This Trip Really Necessary?


Joe Lipsius 
Regimental Headquarters
272nd Infantry Regiment


            To my regret, I did not keep a diary or some type of period activity chronology of those glorious training days of WWII - at the time, not so much fun - but really precious memories now. 

          So, the dates of this happening have been lost, but, if you were there, you will recall with chuckling joy.  

          Maj. Gen. Charles L. Bolte was reigning as Division Commander when orders were issued the Division would march, maneuver and bivouac fom Camp Shelby to the Gulfport-Biloxi area, some 65 miles or so distance, a round trip of 130 miles or so.  Not to swim, frolic and play, but for serious training.  This would later be referred to as the famous (or was it infamous?) "March to the Sea" by the 69th (Yankee General William Tecumseh Sherman, please forgive me.)  While these two beach cities are great resort areas today, they were just the scene of another training exercise then.  

          Just how much time was spent on this March to the Sea, I don't remember but it took place in the hot July or August months under the broiling Mississippi sun compounding the reason for the 69th being the famous BBBBs!