Ask The Company Commander
Joe Lipsius
Regimental Headquarters 272nd Infantry


      I was drafted October 23, 1941 for 12 months which turned out to be "for the duration" after Pearl Harbor.

     One of my first resolutions, besides to be a good  soldier, was to grow a mustache!  Soon, I was looking like a young Groucho Marx! 

      Nothing was said of the hair on my lip untiI I      arrived at Camp Croft, South Carolina, a Basic Infantry Center. The trainload of raw recruits pulled      into the Camp a short time after midnight in the  middle of November, 1941. 

     We had been asleep for no more than a couple of hours when aroused to dress and fall out for a welcome and inspection by the Company Commander, a Captain Beck.  

     The Captain was already atop a stand used for leading physical training excercises.  After a welcome   and a few remarks about his goals for us, some do's and don'ts, out came these  damning words - at least for me.  "I notice a mustache here and there among you.   In order for us to be uniform in appearance when we fall out, there will be no mustaches. I will be happy to grow a mustache for anyone wanting to see one.  Just ask the 1st Sergeant for permission to speak to me."  

     After we were dismissed, I rushed to the latrine,  shaved my full grown mustache and decided to forget about one. I didn't think a mustache was worth asking the Company Commander to grow one!