Bang!  Bang!
Joe Lipsius
Regimental Headquarters 272nd Inf Rgt

Joseph Lipsius 

          Shortly after the Regiment moved across the Siegfried Line, George H. Welles, who had returned to the Regimental Headquarters as S-4 (Supply Officer) from an accident, and I were being driven down a road following the troops.   Suddenly, George withdrew his Government Issued (G. I.) 45 caliber pistol from its holster and began firing away at trees along the roadside!  

          Startled at this sudden firing, I asked George if he saw some Germans? "Nawh he said in his Texas drawl.  I think this might be the only chance to fire our pistols.  I certainly don't want to return home and tell my wife I didn't even get to fire my gun!"  

          I thought twice and decided not to follow suit.  I'd take my chances to fire it later and not be faced with a cleaning requirement now!