Nobody Cut My Hair! 

Steve Lenkevich
Cannon Company 273rd Inf Rgt
(717) 774-6665  

It was late at night as Cannon Company headed to billet in the beautiful City of Weissenfels where there were very few spoils of war.  The next day was very nice when Company Commander Captain James D. Negley approached and beckoned I walk down the main street with him.  

Shortly, we came a barber shop, entered and two barbers snapped to attention. Captain Negley ordered them to leave but not take any tools.  The barbers objected, but later obeyed.  Why this order?  Yes, I was the Company barber!  

The Captain sat in a chair and I proceeded to cut his hair.  Many GIs came in for haircuts, too.  While some were waiting and looking around, to our delight a large storage room was found full of Cognac.  To reach the room, one had to go through the shop, down some basement steps, through a tunnel under the street, to the room.                                                                    

It was not long that GIs came up with bottles of Cognac in both hands, sat in the barber chair waiting their trim.  As I cut hair, we nipped Cognac!  The longer the cutting took place the drunker we became.   In a short while we became daring.  As the barber, I would ask what kind of haircut was wanted?  The replies were varied.  Pony tail, GI, bald head, crown bowl, crosses, Xs --everything imaginable.                                    

We got so drunk we could not make it out of the shop that night.  We laid on the floor and slept it off.  We slept on hair, spilled Cognac, upchuck, blood as well as and glass from broken mirrors all around us.  

A shrieking whistle awoke us with a "Let's Go" order at about 5 AM.  We were  sick with headaches, stomaches and hangovers.  As we were walking in the breaking  daylight, the GIs began to give me dirty looks and stares.  When they took off their helmets, I figured I would be in for big trouble!   

It all ended up as a big joke and everyone laughed.  Nobody cut my hair!