Stand Closer to the Razor
Joe Lipsius
Cannon Co. 272nd Inf Rgt


          When the 69th was cleaning equipment and packing for movement overseas, destination in the states and elsewhere unknown, I was commanding Cannon Co.  One day one of my men rushed into the orderly room and reported Col. Buie (Regimental CO) was in the area and asked for me to accompany him on his inspections.  

          I was led to and reported to the Col. who asked me a few questions, then requested I take him into a couple of  the quarters to see what the men were doing.  Everything was fine and shortly we were back into the company street with the Col. dismissing me to go on his way.  

          After a couple of steps, he turned, walked back, sternly looked me in the eyes, as only Col.  Buie could do, and the following took place:    

        Col Buie: "By the way Captain, what are the orders about shaving in the Regiment ?"  

       Capt. Lipsius:  "Sir, every man will shave before breakfast, sir!"  

       Col.Buie:  "Captain, did you carry out those orders, this morning?"  

       Capt. Lipsius:  Bringing himself  to a stiff attention, "Yes, sir!"        

       Col. Buie:  Sternly, "Well, Captain, next time, stand closer to the razor!"

Then, saluting sharply, turned, and walked away, leaving a sputtering Captain trying to explain he had a fast growing beard.