I 'm in command! 
Joe Lipsius
Hq 272nd Inf Rgt 

On April 3, 1945, the 272nd Inf Rgt was moving as a Combat Team in the direction of Kassel, Germany.  I was riding in a Jeep with Col Walter Buie maintaining his situation map, my usual job. 

Suddenly, a Jeep approached from the opposite direction slowing us to a halt.   A Sergeant jumped out and told the Colonel there was a castle ahead with a huge collection of arms - rifles - shotguns - elephant guns - you name it stored in beautiful display cases, if he would like to see them. 

The Colonel directed the Sergeant to lead on.  After  a short distance we turned into a road that would lead us to the village of Elben and the Von Buttlar Castle, I would later learn, a beautiful old building!  

Shortly after entering the castle, we came upon a hallway lined with gun cases in what must have been thousands of dollars in value, or more, of guns of  every description on display.  Indeed, a magnificent and valuable collection of arms. 

Suddenly, one of the men with us emerged from a room in the back and told the Colonel he had found a gun repair shop and maybe he would like to inspect it.   We walked ino the shop which seemed to be bare except for some wall cabinets which he began to open on the Colonel's orders. 

The first thing he brought out, with a shout, was a Broomhandle Mauser!   

The Colonel exclaimed sternly to the man, and all others, step back, I'm in command here!  Three Mausers were in the cabinet.  Two of which displayed the Von Buttlar coat of arms.  At the urging of Major Henry P. Green, the 272nd S-3, the Colonel was asked to give him one and me the third.  At first, the Colonel refused.  But, that evening he gave me the one without the coat of arms saying Major Green had been given it. 

I valued my Mauser for years until stolen in a robbery from my home in the 1970's.  By a bit of luck I encountered the daughter of Col. Buie who eventually gave me his Mauser!