William L. "Bill" Whitworth

Headquarters Co 272nd Inf Rgt


    Shortly before the Division was shipped over, while still stateside, I made the error of crossing the 1st Sergeant.  His edict either transfer to a line Company or be Colonel Walter Buie's "dog-robber."  Of course, no one wanted to be a "dog-robber"  but the deal was only until until we got on the boat.  An easy choice of course and I learned close-up just how military Col. Buie was.

    My responsibility was to keep his quarters clean but there was nothing much to do.  The  condition he left it made it hard for me to believe he actually lived there. Unbeknownst to him, it gave me plenty of time to read his military manuals which was all he had in his  library.

    When we shipped out, a call went out for someone to be the Col's "dog- robber."  A deal is a deal, I passed it up and someone else was assigned.  After that, I think I was assigned to Message Center, the wire team and  S-2.  I  recall being around Lt Col Kennedy, Regtl Ex O; Major Henry Green, S-3; and Capt Joe Lipsius, S-2; quite a bit.  I remember about Col Kennedy  the time both of us trying to get inside through a door at the same time during a strafing session.  Those of you who remember the Col recall his being rotund. Of course, I landed on the bottom.

    Just a footnote. I was only 17 at the time!  I lied about my age to get drafted.