Grandpaw, Tell Me 'Bout the Good Old Days
By Teri, Scott, Lauren and Ashley Mashburn  

My Grandfather, James C. Love, was a member of the 271st Infantry Regiment, Company F.  He passed away September 3rd, 2002.  He never talked much about the war- with the exception of one story.  He was from a small farming community in rural Kentucky...and being without fresh milk was especially hard on him.  Somehow, unfortunately I can't remember how, he came in possession of a milk cow and proceeded to take it with them.  At some point a commanding officer was offered some milk gravy for breakfast.  Naturally, he wanted to know how they came to have fresh milk gravy.  J.C. promptly replied that there are some things that commanding officers don't really want to know.  To which the officer replied that my grandfather was correct, but the cow had better be gone by afternoon. He lived a long and happy life (not long enough for me) and continued to salute everyone he knew and respected.

Site Engineers Note:  This incident probably occurred in Germany... We had no milk, but I do remember that somehow or other a cow strayed into the Company area, and it being a German cow, we took it prisoner, found it guilty of war crimes and executed it.  Our cooks were ecstatic.