Have Any Chewing Gum?
Clarence. M. "Bud" Sosebee
Hq Co 1st Bn 271st Inf Rgt

I was on a Patrol sent out to meet the Russians in the days of Torgau and the Linkup being the Communications Sergeant, Headquarters Company 1st Battalion 271st Inf Rgt.  Soon after proceeding on our mission, we ran into an outpost of a Company of Germans with a French soldier among them. A German Lieutenant met us who said his Major wanted to surrender.

We told him to have his Major come out. He made a signal and soon the Major was approaching us. While we were waiting, the German Lieutenant said he was raised in New York and he wondered if any of us had some chewing gum? We all laughed, but a piece of gum came flying over my head hitting the Lieutenant on his chest and fell to the ground.

As the German Major came up up, he said something to the Lieutenant which I assumed was a berating for showing disrespect to his position by stooping and picking up the gum. But, when he raised up, he said the Major would like some gum, too.

We all broke out laughing. As for me, I knew the war was really over.