Karl-Heinz Lange
Joe Lipsius
HQ 272nd Inf Rgt
Email for Joseph Lipsius 

     In mid-January, 1995, to my total surprise, I received a letter from Germany with a return address, "Karl-Heinz Lange, Torgau, Germany."  The letter was dated, 9 Jan 1995.  One day after my 77th birthday! 

     In the introduction of his letter, Karl-Heinz stated my name and address had been obtained from Dr. Delbert Philpott, and he was also a close friend of "Bill" Robertson and "Bill" Beswick.  

     Karl-Heinz wrote in perfect English.  I later learned he was an English teacher.  The purpose of his writing me was to determine if certain happenings occurred, or what did occurr, regarding the events of April 25, 1945, East Meets West, and the days following.  He was referred to me because I was in the Headquarters 272nd Infantry Regiment which was dispatched, April 26, to guard the Eilenburg-Torgau road immediately after the historic linkups of April 25th. 

     To the best of my memory, and in consultation by telephone with Norman C Buckholz and Robert W. Griffith, staff officers, 1st Battalion 272nd Infantry Regiment, and reference to the published History Of The 272 Infantry, I answered his letter, January 16, 1995.   

     Mr. Lange thanked me in a letter, dated February 6, 1995 and related information abouthis retirement and family, and more about the project he was working on which caused his first letter to me. 

     A few weeks later, I received a letter from Bill Robertson, dated 1 April 1995, explaining Karl-Heinz had asked him to send me a copy of a  document that he, Karl-Heinz Lange and a German, Heinz Richter, and others, had been working on concerning  APRIL 1945 IN TORGAU.   I still have all of the correspondence and Robertson's document. 

     Now, "I Remember," April 24 or 25, 2005.  I am in Torgau with Bud Parsons as guests of the City of Torgau to help celebrate ELBE DAY 2005.  Bud and I had just spoken to the former Mayor of Torgau  met accidentally on the streets while walking from the DIZ Torgau which had an exhibition covering the linkup for ELBE DAY 2005.   

     Suddenly, a man confronts me on the street and introduces himself as Karl-Heinz Lange, now of Tromsdorf, almost a 100 miles distance from Torgau.  He asked if I remembered him?  He had come to the ELBE-DAY event to meet me.  We hugged and spoke about the letters.  I was so excited, even though I brought back 240 digital pictures on my camera newly bought for the trip Germany, I failed to have one taken with Karl-Heinz and me. 

     Yes, "I Remember" Karl-Heinz Lange!