Magic In The DeSoto National Forest  
Camp Shelby, Miss.  
Joe Lipsius
Reg Hq 272nd Inf Rgt

     I remember when we were the Four B's, taking long training periods and bivouacs in The DeSoto National Forest south of Camp Shelby.  One particular thing that still brings a chuckle is my shaving in the field.  I almost always used an electric razor before being drafted.  This continued in the army whenever possible.

     Stays in the field became a problem until an enterprising member of Captain J. H. McFarland's  272nd's Communication section came up with an answer. 

     He took the long thin battery used in the SCR-536 Walkie Talkie and attached a  female receptacle to the battery poles allowing me to plug in the cord and shave in the field.   

     I remember sitting on a log in the middle of nowhere while shaving, and receiving staring gawks from passing men.  You see the battery was stashed in my knapsack with the cord running from it to my razor.  It truly looked like magic in the field!