Smelly Memories 

By:  Henry W. Goodman ("Warren")
M Company, 273rd


       I was a member of M Company, 3rd battalion of the 273rd. I recall being on the Siegfried Line and was caught outside in a barrage.  The only place to seek refuge was in a stradle trench "latrine", so naturally I jumped in. Needless to say I was sent back to Monschau to take a shower, but that was after about a month (without a shower). I ended up occupying the very back of the truck that took us to Monschau. I remember seeing the steam in the air as we neared Monschau and the showers and recalling that I was thrilled to be there. and so was everyone else. I have been back to Monschau three times over the years, the first time in 1972. Today it is a spectacular place to visit.
Thanks for the memories,
Henry W. Goodman ("Warren")
M Company, 273rd