If It Wasn't Tied Down!
Howard W. Brewer
69th Quartermaster


   I was unlucky (at the time) and they transferred me from the Air Corps, at Keesler Field, to the 69th at Camp Shelby, assigned me to drive a truck instead of an airplane!  My Platoon Sergeant was a Sgt. George a Hailer, I think.  I also believe an Elmer E. Gatchell was a Squad Leader.                    

     In combat, we became known as "Sgt. Hailer's Thieves."  Whenever we were sent back behind the lines to get supplies we got everything that wasn't tied down.  We would swipe everything we thought the boys could use up front.  We would stash stuff under our seats, on the sides, in every nook and corner of the truck.   

          I wish I could remember the names of the men in my platoon. Books could be written on any of the guys!  

Note:  The GI's who were transferred from Keesler field were lovingly referred to as "Maytag Cadets"  because they were "washed out".  JKR.

                                    Howard in 1945 in England                               Howard as he looks today