On The 60th Anniversary of the Victory
in the Great Patriotic War, 1941-1945   
May 9, 2005  

     President Vladimir and Mrs. Putin and The Russian government were host in Moscow to U.S. President George and Barbara Bush along  with eight American military men, May 7-9, 2005, so the United States would be represented at the Victory Anniversary Celebration of the Great Patriotic War.  Also taking part were more than 50 heads of states and many WWII Russian and other Allies' soldiers. 

     The U. S military men taking part and their assignments on VE - Day, May 9, 1945 were: 

                  Igor N.  Belousovitch, Falls Church, VA; 69th Infantry Division.  
                 Bernard J. Cohn, Pikesville, MD; 84th Infantry Division  
                 Ralph A. George, Silver Spring MD; 9th Infantry Division   
                 Daniel E. Grow, Santa Rosa, CA; U. S. S. Tuscaloosa  
                Joseph Lipsius Norcross, GA; 69th Infantry Division  
                Delbert Philpott, Sunnyvale, CA; 69th Infantry Division
            Jesse S. Raybourn, Newark DE; 341st Bomb Squadron  

               Bernard H. Zaffern, Southfield, MI; 69th Infantry Division

Following is a picture of the Russian's Hotel Souz where the Americans stayed; the schedule of events; and some of the programs during the 



The cover of the program for the military parade


The English Introduction for the Military Parade Program

The English Introduction of President Putin's speech at the Military Parade

Cover of the Invitation to the Official Reception Hosted by President Putin


English Invitation and Example of Nameplate to Official Reception at Kremlin Palace


President Bush at Kremlin Palace Official Reception with American Veterans Joe Lipsius ( left) and Dan Grow (right).

Official Invitation Issued to the American and Several Soviet Veterans to Meet President and Mrs. Laura Bush at the U.S. Embassy


President George W. Bush shakes hand with 69th Infantry Webmaster, Joe Lipsius,Headquarters 272nd Infantry Regiment, 69th Infantry Division, at the U S Embassy,Moscow, May 9, 2005, during Russia's great celebration of the 60th Anniversary of    Victory Europe Day, May 7 - 9, 2005.

      Eight American veterans were guests of the Russian government during this greatevent, including three others from the 69th Infantry Division:

      Bernard H. Zaffern, Co L 272nd Inf Rgt, President of The 69th Infantry Division Assoc.  
        Igor N. Belousovitch, Co E 273rd Inf Rgt
       Delbert Philpott Co A 273rd Inf Rgt 

     These four 69ers had a trip they will never forget as guests of the Russian government during its great celebration  of four years fighting against Nazi Germany, 1941-1945.