Many 69ers, Attached Unit members, wives, sons, daughters and friends gathered at the beautiful Sheraton National Hotel, Arlington, VA (Washington, DC area), August 12-17, 2008, for the 61st Annual Reunion of the FIGHTING 69th INFANTRY DIVISION, ASSOCIATION, INC.

A highlight of the Reunion was a letter of greeting from President George W. Bush read at the Saturday morning Membership Meeting.

The following Treasured Moments photos were taken by Chet Yastrzemski, New York, Co E 272nd Infantry Regiment.

Erwin and Carmine Sanborn of New Hampshire, Co I 273. 

June and Marsh Mussan of Illinois, Co H 272.

Chet Yastrzemski of New York, Co E 272.

Barbara and Everett Sharp from Georga, Co E 271.

Ed Lucci, New York, Co A 273; Paul Shadle, Pennsylvania, Co E 271; General Bolte's son from Virgnia and Crandon Clark, New Jersey, Co B 272.

Warren Goodman of Florida, Raul Nava of California, Florie Goodman, Florida,
Dan Nava of California, Co M 273 and Julie Schilling of Iowa, Co E 271.

Joe Kurt with Julie and Jeff Shilling, Iowa, Co E 271.

Vivian Bailey and father, Archie Brooks of Virginia, Hq 69th Div.

Urno and Evelyn Gustafson from Pennylvania, AT Co 272.

Edward and Dolly Sarcione, New York, AT Co 272.

Walter Haag of California, 881FABn.

Joseph Kurt with Julie and Jeff Schilling, Iowa, Co E 271.

Lillian and James Fallin, Louisana, Co H 272. 

These Treasured Moments photos were taken by Joe Lipsius, Headquarters 272nd Inf Rgt, Georgia.

Anne Lipsius, Georgia, Hq 272 and Helen and Melinda Williams, Pennsylvania, 69th Military Police.

George and Lina West, Pennsylvania, AT Co 271.

Helaine and Alexis Jones, Delaware, Hq and Sv Co 269 Eng

Roger and Faye Sahr, Minnesota, Co K 271.

Reba and Bill Sheavly, Maryland, Co M 271.

Sula and Veto Di Pento, Pennsylvania, Co H 272.

Charles and Edith Chapman, Virginia, 69th Div Arty.

Earl and Jim Brittain, Missouri, Co G 271.

Anne Lipsius, Georgia.

Crandon and Jane Clark, New Jersey, Co B 272; Edgar Parsons, North Carolina, Co A 272.

Dan Russo and Charles P. Quinn, New Jersey 661 TD Bn

Jane Clark, New Jersey and Anne Lipsius, Georgia.

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