Treasured Moments  

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58th Annual Reunion, Louisville, KY,2005

 Left to right, Chester A. "Chet" Yastzremski, Francis E. "Fuzz" Spangler and Frederick R. "Fred" Butenhoff, all of Co E 272nd Inf Rgt.   Fuzz is a first timer.

Warren and Mary Ross Wilmot, with mother Jean Ross, Co A 271st Inf Rgt.  Warren and Mary are new Souvenir Chairpersons, taking over from Jean.

Archie and Pauline Millsaps Anti-Tank Co 271st Inf Rgt

Earl Brittain and son, Jim, Unit unknown

 Harold Patchen, Co A 272nd Inf Rgt and son, Harold, Jr.

Raul L. Nava, a regular Reunion attendee who comes from Arcadia, CA.  Raul is from Co M 273rd Inf Rgt.R

From Lenoir City, TN, first timers Mary Alice Cheek Gabbard and husband Alex.  Mary Alice is the daughter of the late Garvey R. Cheek, Co A 271st Inf Rgt. She is seeking a 69er who may have known her father .

  Robert and Esther Smith, Co A 272nd Inf Rgt, from Elyria, OH 


From left to right, Jane Matlach, Co E 273rd Inf Rgt; Ed Lucci, Co A, 273rd Inf Rgt; Barbara Brooks, Co A 273rd Inf Rgt and Anne Lipsius, Hq 272nd Inf Rgt are seen enjoying Churchill Downs



A partial view of the head table at the Saturday night banquet of the 69th Inf Div's 58th Annual Reunion, left to right: Ret. Brig. Gen. Phillip Bolte, son of cadre Division Commander, Charles L. Bolte; Colonel Armstrong, Ft Bragg, NC; Russian Colonel Alexander Y. Dryagin, Embassy of Russia, Washington, DC, special guest of honor; Dottie (Witzeleb) Shadle, bulletin editor; Paul Shadle, new Association President; Edith Zaffern, Sunshine Lady.

Old timers Lina and George West on the left with Nancy and Arthur Holgate.  George and Arthur are from Anti-Tank Co 271st Inf Rgt


On the left, Anne Lipsius, Hq 272nd Inf Rgt with Connie Brough, Co K 271st Inf Rgt. 


Left to right:  Aaron Bowen, Earl Brittain, Norbert Osecki and Fuzz Spangler, four first timers get together


Russian Marine Colonel Alexander Dryagin,  Colonel Armstrong and  Brig. Gen. Phillip Bolte 


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