Treasured Moments

Photos by:  Chet Yastrzemski, Co E 272nd Infantry Regiment

Ed Sarcione, Buffalo, NY; Raymond Sansoucy, Worcester, MA; Molly Sarcione, Janet Sansoucy; Mel Schulz, Milford, OH; Josph Huber, West Bend, WI.  All are from AT Co 272.

Erwin Sanborn, NH, Co I 273 and David Theobald (new President) Sacramento, CA, Co F 272.

Janet Houssel, PA, and Carmen Sanborn, NH, both from Co I 273.

Gloria Cyzyk, New Hyde Park, NY, Co C 273 and Kathy Krause, Glendale Heights, IL, 269 Combat Eng Bn.

Dorothy Shadle, New Kensington, PA, Co E 271  and Barbara Yastrzemski, Southampton, NY,
Co Co E 272.

Bing Poon, Mercersburg, PA, Co E 271 and Raul Nava, Arcadia, CA, Co M 273.

Veto and Sula DiPento, East Brady, PA, Co H 272.

James Boris, Philadelphia, PA, 881 FABn and Wiliam Jackson, Newman, GA, Co G 273

Stanley Czyzyk, New Hyde Park, NY, Co C 273 and Edward Lucci, Rockville Centre, NY, Co A 273.


Joseph Makosky, Portage, PA, Co M 272; David and June Wittman, Billings, MT, Hq Co 2nd Bn 272;
Francis Tomczuk, Carteret, NJ, Co A 271.

Mary Wilmot, The Villages, FL; Jean Ross, Wilbraham, MA; Warren Wilmot, The Villages, FL, all Co A 272.

 Arthur Seldenstricker, Allison Park, PA, Hq 273 and John Mason, Berkerly, CA, Co D 272.

 Ernest Krause, Addison, IL and Kathleen and Steve Krause, Glendale Heights, IL, 269th Combat Eng Bn.

Edward Lucci, Rockville Centre, NY; William Nettles, Tupelo, MS, both Co A 273.

Attending a Reunion for the first time,  John Surash, Rochester, NY and Nathan J. Fullmer, Salt Lake City, UT, both from C 272.


Chet and Barbara Yastrzemski, Southampton, NY, Co E 272.

Fuzzy, Neal and Lila Mae Spangler, Rickland Center, WI, Co E 272.

Denise and Kit Sullivan, Prospect, KY, Co E 272. 

Edgar Parsons, Chapel Hill, NC and Theo Craig, Paradise Valley, AZ, both  from Co A 272.

James Boris, Philadelphia, PA and Emil Matys, Nevada, both from 881 FABn.

Kevin and Lori Sullivan with son, Louisville, KY Co, E 272.

Jane Matlach, West Islip, NY, Co E 273 and Ed Lucci, Rockville, NY, Co A 273.

New President, David Theobald, Sacramento, CA, Co F 272 and new Vice President, Robert Crowe,
New Hampshire, Co E 273.

Past Presidents: Front, left to  right, Robert Pierce, Hemet, CA, Co I 273 and Paul Shadle, New Kensington. PA, Co E 271. Rear, left to  right, Raymond Sansoucy, Worchester, MA, AT Co 272nd and James Boris, Philadelphia, PA. 881 FABn

Raul Nava, Arcadia, CA, Co M 273 and Ed Lucci, Rockville Centre, NY, Co A 273

Barbara Yastrzemski, Southampton, NY, Co E 272 and Jane Matlach, West Islip NY, Co E 273.


Rosanna and Russell Meinecke and Rhonda and Steve,  Cainesville, MO, Co L 272.