Officials and citizens of Germany recognized for paying tribute to the 69th Infantry Division at ceremonies, April 12 and April 25, 2007. 

On April 12, 2007, Mr. Michael Rousek of the U.S. Consulate General Office, Leipzig, accompanied by Mr. Randy Bibby, Naval Vice Attaché Frigate Captain, Berlin Embassy, delivered remarks for the United States government during ceremonies celebrating the 62nd Anniversary of the liberation of Naumburg, Germany from Nazi tyranny. As a representative for Mr. Paul Shadle, President, Fighting 69th Infantry Division Association, Mr. Rousek also spoke to honor Captain Juergen Moeller, Capt. QMC, Ansbach/Bavaria, Germany, for his contribution to memorialize the 69th Infantry Division. Captain Moeller authored three books on WWII and helped to establish a 69th memorial tablet in the Weissenfels, Germany Museum.  Speaking for Mr. Shadle and all members of the 69th, a plaque was presented to Captain Moeller in appreciation and gratitude. 

On April 25, 2007, a reception was held by the Honorable Mayor Andrea Staude on Elbe Day in Torgau, Germany to honor the 62nd Anniversary of the WWII East Meets  West linkup of the United States and Russia. The U. S. Consul General Leipzig, Mr. Mark Scheland spoke about the meetings and anniversary.  He was accompanied by Lt. Col. Ken Dobertin, U. S. Assistant Army Attaché, U. S. Embassy, Berlin, Germany and consulate intern Ms. Shannon Self who made photographs of the occasion.  In his remarks, Mr. Scheland, also representing Mr. Paul Shadle and the 69th, honored and thanked several officials and citizens for their part in construction and maintenance of The Strehla Memorial Park and the Torgau Memorial — scenes of two of the three linkups on April 25, 1945 — as well as for recording the story of the linkups and the staging of Elbe Day.  

On behalf of Mr. Shadle and members of the 69th, special plaques of appreciation and gratitude were presented to the Honorable Mayor Andrea Staude of Torgau, the Honorable Mayor Andreas Haberland of Strehla, and the former Honorable Mayor Wolfgang Gerstenberg of Torgau. 

For their part in construction of the memorials, recording the history of the linkups and the staging of Elbe Day, plaques of appreciation and gratitude were presented to Mr. Karl-Heinz Lange, Dr. Uwe Niedersen, Mr. Heinz Richter, and Mr. Herbert Schedina. 

Consul General Scheland also delivered a special "Thank You" for Mr. Shadle and the 69th to all others who contributed time and money towards the construction of these two unique memorials.  

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