Company Photos

These pages display some photos of the Companies, Batteries and supporting Units of the 69th Infantry Division as well as its attached Units.

The photos came about this way. While training at Camp Shelby, or home base of attached units, professional photographers arranged to take posed pictures of the unit, to be sold to its members. Because of the constant movement of replacements, sometimes more than one photo was made at Camp Shelby at different times during the training in 1943 and 1944 before departure overseas.

The 272nd Infantry Regiment's commanding officer, Colonel Walter D. Buie, arranged for a regimental history to be printed in Germany immediately after VE-Day which included posed photos of all of its units. These professional photos were taken by a Mr. Foeppel and included in the "History Of The 272 Infantry." These photos are all displayed here

Just recently, our German liaison, Juergen Moeller, discovered the glass negatives of some of these 272 photos in the Town of Zeitz Museum, showing the town or area the photo was made. If you were a member of a 272 Unit and recall the town or area your Unit photo was made, please write the Webmaster.

Most of the other other photos on this page, except two or three also made in Germany, were made at Camp Shelby or attached Unit training area. They were printed in the 69th bulletin over the years courtesy of a 69er or a family member. Many Unit photos are missing. Many later date photos exist.

This is an appeal to you. If you have a later photo than what we show, or a missing photo, we would like to receive it and display it on these pages. It will be returned in the same condition you send it. Please follow these instructions:

Unframed: Roll carefully and place in a mailing tube which can be obtained at the Post Office or an office supply store.
Framed: Take to a professional frame shop to be unframed, then do as above.

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271st Infantry Regiment
272nd Infantry Regiment
273rd Infantry Regiment
 Headquarters, 1st Battalion
 Company C
Company F
Company G
Headquarters, 3rd Battalion
Company L
 AT Company
 Medical Detachment
 Company K


881st Field Artillery
880th Field Artilllery
879th Field Artillery
724th Field Artillery
Headquarters Battery  
 Battery B
Battery B  
Service Battery  
 Staff 880th FA
 Staff 879th FA
Staff 724th FA  


461 AAA (AW) Battalion
69th Division Artillery
777th Tank Battalion
661st Tank Battalion
Battery A
Battery B
Battery C


569th Signal Company
369th Medical Battalion
69th Infantry Division Units

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