WWII Photo A3

A brother and sister have identified this soldier as their father, Lattie G. Spurlock, guarding prisoners at an area known to be Spa Park, near the Lahn  River, Bad Ems, Germany.  They think he was an infantryman on special duty to be a Military Police (MP). His MP designation is pinned to his uniform instead of being sewed. 

Spa Park along the Lahn River, Bad Ems, Germany, December, 2005. All of these "after photos" were taken by Wilfried Dieterichs, Laatzen, a suburb of Hannover, Gemany.  Wilfried was born in Coblenz (also known as Koblenz) Germany, a city on the Rhine River close to Bad Ems.  He lived from age five in Bad Ems.  Now retired, Wilfried is writing a book about the WWII fighting in Bad Ems and nearby areas.