WWII Photo C2


This photo appears on page 25 of the "Fighting 69th Infantry Division" history published in 1991 by Turner Publishing Co.  On February 24, 2008, Lowell McFarlin who edited the C Battery 880th Field Artillery Battalion's news letter identified the photo as being the C Battery's 3rd gun section that fired the first artillery round by the 69th in combat.  He says the man on the left is Cpl. Bill Sells who was the gunner.  Next across is Charles Enser, then Cpl. Merle Davis.  The man on the right is Section Sergeant Ray Mills.  A couple of other men of the gun section are not in  the picture.  Lowell was driver for the gun section.  Enser and Davis were never located after the war to receive the news letter or attend reunions.  The caption in the Turner History reads the round was fired at 1050 on 11 February 1945.