WWII Photo D5


In the background, American soldiers are seen examining a combination of German airplanes called Mistel 2.  The larger plane is a German Junkers JU-88 which was filled with explosives. It was radio controlled. The smaller piggyback plane is a German Focke-Wulf FW 190.  The pilot flown FW 190 guided the combination and radio released the JU-88 at the target.  Many bridges were destroyed in front of advancing Allies in the closing days of the war by the Mistel 2 and another combination known as the Mistel 1.  The Mistel 1 was a combination of a  Messerschmitt Bf-109 piggyback on an explosive filled JU 88.  This photo is believed to be at Meresburg a major airfield west of Leipzig. Information furnished by photographer and WWII historian, Ralf Klodt.